at his best with cup in hand and tale to tell, rewriting the truth as he sees fit.

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"We are not templars, serah. Feynriel has nothing to fear from us."
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As the days pass, I believe less in God and more in Lutece. My powers shrivel as my regrets blossom. All of this because my father failed me. By the time I realized how far I’d gone, it was too late to stop it. But there is still one last chance at redemption— for both of us.


best couple in all thedas <3

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Matsuoka Rin || F R E E ! ep. 12

Still a soldier. Man of honor in a den of thieves.

I haven’t even watched the Free! finale yet, but I’m feeling really surly about Rei’s treatment. Rei who worked so hard. Rei who almost drowned trying to push himself to be better. Rei who went out of his way to help strangers (who became friends). Rei who wanted nothing more from the boys than to belong with them. Hmph.

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          He’s leaving and leaving nothing behind, carried on the words of a Seeker out West. Or South. Or wherever she decides they’re needed most. Towards war — mages versus templars, elves versus humans, everyone versus a flood of twisted creatures that gave even his imagination a run for its money.

          He’s leaving at sunrise to board a ship at the docks. Docks where Isabela spent countless afternoons with her boots stripped off and her toes in the lukewarm water. Docks where Carver and Fenris stared broodily over the top of her head and outwards, sharing more than they’d ever care to admit. Docks where Hawke waved goodbye to him before setting out for another adventure — one she never returned from.

          He’s leaving the Hanged Man and Lowtown and Kirkwall, and it feels as liberating as it is smothering.

          “It’s a new chapter, Hawke,” he told her once with a laugh. “You’ve got to keep going. Eager audiences and whatnot.” And now he stands there with the comforting weight of Bianca on his back, and he doesn’t want to turn the page.

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